Pink Elephant

Client site edit


1. Log on

1.1 Enter you webadress followed by ”/wp-admin”

1.2 Enter you username & Password

2. Page edit

2.1 Click on ”Pages” in the left side bar

2.2 Hover over the page you like to edit and click ”Edit with Divi”

2.3 Click the edit menu button in the bottom center of the screen

2.4 Click the ”layer” symbol in order to get a overview of the page structure

2.5 Select the element you like to edit

N.B. the website structure is built in a cascading structure, you find:

  • Page ”Section” colored in blue
  • ”Rows” colored in green
  • ”Columns” colored in gray
  • ”Modules” colored in dark-gray

On the page you find modules places within columns and caloumns within row and row within sections.

In order to visualize this on the page, you can click the grid symbol in the menu:

2.6A Click the gear icon of the element you like to edit.

2.6B Alternatively you can select and edit an element by simply hover over it and click the gear icon that will appear on hover

3. Text edit

3.1 After clicking the gear icon of a element you will find a new window pop-up. 

Under ”Content” tab you will be able to edit the text. 

N.B, Make sure you you have the ”visual” tab selected as well. The ”text” tab is used for HTML text editing

3.2 Under the ”Design” tab you find a foldable list with different settings: 

  • inside the foldable ”Text” section you find settings affecting the body text
  • inside the foldable ”Heading Text” you find settings that affect the different headers

N.B. do not edit the other foldable sections settings if you do not know what you doing, it requires understand in how to build a responsive website. Change you make here might look good on your screen, but might have a bad effect on tablet, phone or different computer screen sizes. 


4. Picture replacement

4.1 After clicking the gear icon of a picture module you will find a new window pop-up. 

Under the ”Content” click on the gear icon that shows up upon hover over the image box.

4.2 A new window pop-up and you can select an image from the media library or upload a new one by clicking the ”Uplod Files” tab.

N.B.1 new images should preferably be in the correct pixel width. See picture below for a general picture width guide:

 N.B.2 Pictures with a big file size will slow the size load time, make sure to at least compress pictures before upload, here is a link to an free and easy-to-use online compression service: TinyPNG